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Welcome to the Hood Donz Website

This is the official website of the Hood Donz crew featured on Grand Theft Auto V Online.  We are a crew that is into just about everything and anything to do with GTAV.  We are a crew that loves to have fun and get together regularly in game as well as on “kik”, the smart phone app available for free on android and ios.  Our crew expands across all the different platforms of GTAV so no matter what platform you game on, there is always a Hood Donz crew member available to game with you.

Our crew was established in October 2013 and in that time we have been featured twice on the Rockstar Social Club Newswire.  As any GTAV crew will tell you, being in a crew has its ups and downs. Many crews have risen and fallen however we are still here and we continue to grow daily.  The reason for our continuing success is by having great leadership and specific crew rules that help to establish a universal structure that all crew members benefit from.  We are not perfect and things do sometimes go wrong within our organisation. However we are unafraid to tackle any situations that may arise within our community and we continually strive to be the best we can be.

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Crew Rules

Every successful organisation operates with rules and guidelines and Hood Donz is no different.  These rules have been put in place to establish clear understanding between our crew members as well as to keep us safe.  They must be observed and adhered to at all times by all crew members.  Failure to do so could result in crew members being kicked from the crew and banned for life.  Below are our list of rules and guidelines:

  • No crew killing
  • Social Club Profiles must be set to visibility everyone
  • Any crew member found to be posting/promoting other crews on the Hood Donz Social Club page will be banned for life, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  • Crew Members Must Be Hood Donz Only!!!


If you have any suggestions or ideas for crew rules then please fill out the form below: