Welcome To The Hood Donz

Welcome to the Hood Donz website.  We are a Grand Theft Auto Online crew with a difference.  The thing that makes us so special is that we are purebloodz.  A pureblood is a term that we call ourselves to describe our passion for GTA and loyalty to our crew.  We are a collective group of GTA gamers who have been drawn together because of one thing.  Our Crew Hood DONZ.




Joining The Family:

To become a part of Hood DONZ we ask that you follow 3 simple rules

  • All Hood DONZ members must be members of Hood DONZ crew only
  • All Hood DONZ members social club accounts must be set to visibility everyone
  • No Crew Killing!!!

If any crew member breaks these rules then they will be either kicked or banned from the crew




We are not asking gamers to commit more than they can really afford.  All we ask is that you respect our 3 rules and have fun.

We see gaming on GTA as a great way to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of real life plus have interesting adventures with many new people from around the world.

We are a family crew that loves to have fun no matter what?

Do you want to join the family?




Click here: If you would like to join Hood DONZ then send a crew invite request on the Rockstar Social Club website.